Happy Holi Party Games to Play in Kitty Party Office {{Best}}

Holi celebration 2016 is just about to begin. People like to play holi games in holi party celebration. Most of you would search for holi party games to play in office, school, workplace. You can play these games for holi party with kids in your home. So to provide games for holi 2016, we have complied a list of holi party games for office and kitty party.

holi party games
holi party games

Happy Holi Party Games To Play in Kitty Party, Office :

1. Find The Coin

A good holi party game to play in office and kitty party. You will remember your childhood playing “Find the coin”. Participants have to find the coin in colored water in minimum time.

2. Bucket Blast

Bucket Blast will make each player wet. Each participant has to carry a big mug on his head with holes at bottom of the mug. Winner will fill the bucket higher than others. So play holi party game in your office.

3. Obstacle Holi Race

This is another holi party game. Each player has to cross the obstacles placed in a ground. Winner will cross the obstacles in minimum time.

4. Target Glass With Coins

If you want holi party game that you could finish in less time, this game is only for you. Each player will try to fill maximum coins in glass in minimum time.

holi games for kitty party
holi games for kitty party

Kitty parties are popular among ladies. As they met up with some of their friends on kitty party and enjoy. So keeping those “Ladies” in mind, we have some kitty party games holi special. We have included holi games for children, kitty party and office here. So friends let’s know about some holi party 2016 games and play holi games with friends, office members and kids.

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5. Shoot The Candles With Water Guns

Another short holi party games specially for kitty party and office. Each shooter will shoot candles with water guns in one minute only. Winner will shoot maximum candles in one minute.

6. Water Balloons War

This is just a fun party game. If you want a real party game for holi, “Water Balloons War” is perfect. Each participant will get colored in different colors. We bet this will recall some childhood memories.

7. Holi Tambola

Holi Tambola is a holi special theme of Tambola game. All things will be holi related to give a feel of colors on game. This is one of the famous holi games for kitty party.

Happy holi games are good way to spread message of happiness. These holi party games have full capability to give a feel of togetherness. You can play holi games with your colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend and friends. Just go through some more games for holi party 2016.

holi games for children
holi games for children

8. Save Water & Win The Game

As we know. “Saving water is necessary.” With this game you can give a message of save water. Each player will have to jump over a rope and save the maximum water on mug on her/his hand. The player who will save the maximum water on his/her hand will be considered as winner.

9. Balloon Battle

This is one of the best holi party games. There will be two teams. Each team will hit players of their rival team. The team in which more players remains Uncolored is considered as winning team. You can make team of as much as 15. In some cases where there are more than hundreds of people invited, you can make team of even 30 members per team. So play this cool holi party 2016 game.

10. Pair The Words – One Minute Party Game

If you want a safe holi party game that doesn’t need to play with colors and water, You could easily fall in love with this sincere happy holi game. You just need pen and a printout of words written in a column. Each participant has to fill the blank space next to written word. There will be time limit of around 5 minutes. You could easily choose this accordingly. Winner will fill maximum right answers next to written word. for example “Hide and Seek”:

Fun and ————-
Calm and ———–
Twist and ———
Bits and ————-
Pros and ———-
Hue and ———–
Salt and ————
Wit and ——–
Touch and ——-
Bags and ———
Null and ———-
Head and ———-
Part and ————
Give and ————–
Body and ————–
Rise and —————
Rules and ————-
Odds and ————
Law and ————–
Wait and ————-
Thick and ————-
Safe and ————–
Lock and ————-
Lost and ————–
Back and ———–

We hope you have enjoyed holi games for kitty party, games for holi party, holi games for children. If you have holi related games that you think could be added to this post. Shoot comment with your happy holi games for party and office. We will be glad to add those holi special games to this post dedicated to provide games for holi party.

Wish you a Colorful Holi 2016 !

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  1. best games for happy holi. Fun games are really popular on holi celebration, you have done a wonderful job to give game idea for kitty party.

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